Yukatan data model Yukatan data model 0.2

Yukatan data model 0.1

The first and most naive version of the Yukatan data model is based on a very simple model of an email message. According to this model, an email message is simply an entity with the following properties:

This simple model can be described in SQL as:

CREATE TABLE message (
        received        TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE NOT NULL,
        msgdate         TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE,
        msgfrom         CHARACTER VARYING,
        msgto           CHARACTER VARYING,
        msgcc           CHARACTER VARYING,
        msgid           CHARACTER VARYING,
        subject         CHARACTER VARYING,
        body            TEXT

This model is obviously lossy as most of the header information is thrown away and only simple text bodies can be represented. A simple addition to prevent losing any data would be to store the entire original message in some extra field.

Just a bit more advanced version of this approach can be found from 2001 in the Mail2DB script, whose purpose is to feed a simple database with elementary email header information to be used by some kind of a web frontend.

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