Yukatan webmail

This is the main web site of the Yukatan webmail project. The goal of the project is to create an advanced webmail system, that uses a relational database backend to provide efficient search and classification capabilities.

The project is currently in pre-alpha state. The underlying data model has just reached 1.0 status, and a couple of utility tools are under active development.

Please see the SourceForge project page for latest news and information about CVS access. Please contact me (Jukka Zitting, the main/only developer) at jukka@zitting.name if you want to know more about the Yukatan webmail project.

Yukatan components

The Yukatan webmail system is developed as a collection of independent components based on a central data model. The currently existing components are listed below.

Yukatan data model

The Yukatan webmail system is based on a relational data model of email messages. The data model has just reached 1.0 status. Please see the Yukatan data model page for more information.

Yukatan import tool

A Java program for importing email messages to a Yukatan database is currently being developed. The development version can be found in the Yukatan CVS repository under yukatan/java. The import program is currently able to import email messages from input streams and JavaMail message stores and folders.

Yukatan JavaMail provider

A JavaMail Store provider for the Yukatan database is currently being planned.

Related projects

A Python script designed to store emails in a SQL database derived from the Yukatan data model version 0.6. The catchmail script adds support for attachments and uses antiword (if available) to extract and save text versions of MS Word documents.
A mature email database system that supports the SMTP, LMTP, IMAP and POP protocols. Runs on both MySQL and PostgreSQL. The database contains user and configuration information in addition to the email messages.
An email to database import script that uses a very simple data model. Not actively maintained.

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